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why? no.

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by theradishpress

This is copied directly from IMDb:

“Seal and Heidi Klum made sure they had fun when they renewed their wedding vows at the weekend – by holding a hilarious ‘white trash’ style ceremony.

The couple has held a yearly retake of their nuptials since they first married in 2005.

The pair usually hold the bash at the same location every year – Costa Careyes, Mexico – but the stars’ fourth wedding anniversary celebration was cancelled due to the swine flu outbreak which originated in the South American country.

But the furore surrounding the disease couldn’t stop the fun-loving duo from taking part in the yearly event – they threw a wild party in Malibu, California instead.

A pregnant Klum dressed in a cheap lace wedding gown, with her hair in cornrows and puffed on a fake cigarette throughout the ceremony, while her husband donned a blond mullet wig and tacky 1980s suit.

The 75 guests at the union – which was officiated by an Elvis Presley lookalike – also joined in the fun, wearing jean shorts, animal prints and leather jackets.

Revellers enjoyed Mexican food and beer in honour of the couple’s usual wedding location.”

This is not funny. First Heidi Klum dresses up as an Indian goddess for Halloween then she and Seal decide that making fun of people based on their socio-economic status is ok?! Good job. This sets a wonderful example for your children, that you can always look poor and “trashy” if you want, or just for fun, but it’s hilarious and ironic because you are actually rich. Oh, and co-opting the culture of another race and religion is totally fine too, because it is just for fun and why not go all out when you can hire some make-up artist to paint your whole body blue and buy yourself some elaborate costume? This is why idiot frat students at Mason (I am citing a specific example here) think dressing up as a slave is ok. Memo: it is not. And you deserve a severe ass kicking for it.

Why don’t Klum and Seal just move to Williamsburg where their clever irony will be embraced and they will be the king and queen of hipsters?

Rich people buying themselves poor is nothing new. It remains pointless and insulting and a slap in the face of those folks who actually struggle on a daily basis to make ends meet. Also, why are you renewing your wedding vows every year? We get it, you like each other, A LOT. Take your show somewhere else.

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